Partnering with creators, influencers and affiliate marketers

Behind the scenes and in preparation for reaching a wider targeted audience, launching and maintaining your brands online presence often requires a number of strategies to run simultaneously.

This will need careful planning and organizing to take place. As a brand owner, you enjoy providing products and services that align with your brands mission, principles or philosophy. Therefore, you will need to have some form of documentation or material that can be used by anyone as a guide for helping maintain the integrity of your brand.

Brand Assets

After you have done the hard work of deciding on a logo design, accompanying graphic designs and guides, copy, videos and other material, your creative brand assets may be essential for helping you spread the word about your business.

Share and distribute you assets amongst your partnering creators, influencers and affiliate marketers. They will use them for creating website content, social media ads and other marketing

How do I set up an affiliate program for my brand?

You can signup to one of the programs we have listed below. There are many more, however these are the ones we have come trust.

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